leahmur (leahmur) wrote,

oh snaps.

So, volunteering....fuckin.amazing. I can't even express in words how happy I am to have started doing this.

My first day was good, but I didn't do much more than dishes and a little bit of poop scooping. I got to help a little bit on the tour, but notttt really.

Day two was better. I got to go in and help clean cages and fill up bubble baths and all kinds of fun stuff.

Day three was still better. I got to pass bowls during the tour, clean cages, and do diets. I felt REALLY useful that day hah.

Day FOUR though....unbelievable. I felt pretty useless at first, but then the day picked up. I got to stay, and stay OUT! while they walked Serabi, the lionness. Afterwards, I got to go into a retired wolf enclosure and they walked Chakra, the tiger. Then they asked me to stick around and see if they too shy wolf boys would like me, and sure enough, I am the third person they have warmed up to. I got sooooooo many wolf kisses. It was adorable. I helped walk four wolves. It was seriously such an awesome day.

Next time I'm there, Margaret said we could go into the fox enclosure and give them rubs!!!!! I think by then I should be able to start feeding some of the smaller animals! I'm super super super stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three days until VAIL! I was really excited a few days ago, but it's worn off a little. I'm startin to feel a little apprehensive. I think it should be good though. Hopefully!

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