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Here is my best attempt to document all the highlights of our trip....please don't mind my ridiculous grammar during this process.

So, day one was pretty lowkey. Our flights took a lot out of us, so we just went straight to the hotel for a nap and a shower. Once we had a few hours of sleep, we decided to get up and make our way into the city. We were under the impression (thanks to google maps) that our hotel was some outrageous distance from the city centre, but that was completely off. Luckily we had an awesome cab driver who told us how to walk to get into town and that it was completely walkable. It was probably about a mile from Grafton Street (which is where all the fun seems to start). First things first, I had to buy a watch. Luckily the first store we saw was a Swatch store, where I found a really nice brownishbronzishgrayish watch. After that we had lunch at O'Neils pub---irish beef and guinness stew! DROOL! I bought a scarf and we did a little pre-shopping for souvenirs (which we didn't end up buying after all). Then we headed back to the hotel for a little freshining up. Our first night we did a musical pub crawl that ended up being far more informative than pub-filled. We went to two little pubs and listened to the history of irish music, while listening to some irish music! It was really awesome! Since we were both pretty much spent, we decided to call night 1 an early night and headed back to the hotel around 11.

Day two, we got up bright and early for the hop on-hop off bus tour around the city. There was a little detour because of a st patrick's day 5k, but it was nice because we got to see where a lot of good food is near our hotel haha. Dublin is basically tiny, so it was pretty easy to see everything in an hour and a half or so. We hopped off at Christ Church/Dublinia, but hopped back on upon realizing it was 11 euro. We decided on St. Patrick's Cathedral instead! It was nice...churchy...the park was beautiful. Even the tiny cemetary was so pretty. After that we made our way to Guinness Storehouse. It ended up taking about three hours or so to get through it, and since the bus stopped running at 530, we had to quit a little early. It was pretty much amazing though. The building is designed to be shaped after a freshly poured pint of guinness. As you're walking in, in the main reception area, they have the original, 9000 year lease that arthur guinness signed in 1759. It's freaking sweet. The first floor displays the four ingredients of beer in a really awesome way. The next few floors are a blur, but at the very top they have a bar called the Gravity Bar and it's got 360 windows. It makes for an amazing view of Dublin. There's no tall buildings there so it just looks really adorable all the way around. You can see all the way out to the coast! It's fantastic! After we finished our bus tour, we went back for a short nap and a freshin-up. That night we decided to make our way to temple bar, which was apparently a mistake. The first place we went (it was SIX euro for a pint), there happened to be some skeezy frenchies there....which i mentioned in a previous post. We ended up following them to another bar nearer to our hotel, where they proceeded to make out with us in a particularly unbecoming fashion. It was really bad. They were really creepy and it took about two hours to ditch them because they would not let us out of their sights or arms! We escaped luckily!

Day three, we did the Wild Wicklow tour, which was amazing. We stopped in Dun Laoghaire...and drove through Dalkey, ENNISKERRY! (ps i love you), and to Glendalough. We lunched in a little city which I have no idea what was. It was a pretty sweet trip. We got to get out at the mountains and have a little bit of Jameson! It was really amazing up there. None of the mountains are very tall in Ireland...just little short guys! We also met a couple of american boys who were staying in our hotel on the trip...more to come on them later. That night, we headed out after our nap in search of food, which is never easy when you don't know what alls around! We kept walking until we came across Gourmet Burger Kitchen...fucking amazing. I had the most delicious avocado and bacon burger ever in existence. Katelan had the Thai burger, but it was too spicy. The meat in Ireland is to DIE FOR! After that we went to the pub next door, John Kehoe's. It was pretty much insane because everyone had off the next day for St Patricks. This boy told me he liked my "jumper" (sweater), asked me why I was drinking girly beer (smithwicks), then told me i was really hot! HAH! It was adorable. Katelan thought he was creepy but I kinda liked him. We ended up getting pretty buzzed that night...it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day was St Patrick's and, although we didn't not wake up as early as we should have, we got up early and made our way to the parade. We bought some awesome feather boas on the way! We had a horrible spot to see the parade...about 5 deep in the crowd and we couldn't see anything. It was still pretty ridiculous...the parade made no sense at all and there was really nothing irish about it. When it was over, we didn't really know what to do and we were both still exhausted from the night before so we went back for a short nap. As we were getting up and finishing up getting ready the phone rings....it's the american boys from the tour! They brought a four pack to our room and we decided to go get a 15 pack for pregaming and then we had the hardest time in history ordering a pizza. Basically this is how we got stuck with them. We made our way out to Gogartys (which is where our pubcrawl started on the first night). It's pretty insane there when it's NOT st patrick's day. I got frenched by a fifty year old man while we were walking in. Katelan got molested by a man who had paitned his skin green. I told a bunch of people (mostly americans) I was from south wales and even though i spoke to them with an american accent half the night, they still believed me. I managed to get copmletely covered in guinness...it was nuts. The boys got very attached to us during this process. We decided to leave and go to John Kehoes for a bit. There, one of the americans told me he liked me and stuff and wek ind of kissed even though i wasn't feeling it really. I had to get up and pee at some point and JM followed me into the ladies and tried to make out with me on the couch. I got mad and told him I wasn't going to spend my time in Ireland making out with an American in the girls bathroom of a skeezy pub! He didn't appreciate it but he followed me back downstairs anyway...there was an adorable guitarist playing music in the stairwell! we stopped to sing with him a little, it was pretty awesome. Lately we decided to leave, but katelan was making out with an irish guy. I went back in to find her and when I did the guitarist stopped me and asked what I was doing...I don't remember much of what we talked about, or his name for that matter (mostly because it was so irish that i didn't really understand it)...but I do remember that he kissed me in the stairwell and invited us to go with him to this bar called the mezz. We met him back downstairs but the americans were getting really pissed and somehow I got stuck going back to the hotel instead of out with the dreamy irish boy. The americans also tried to molest me and katelan...it was not cool.

ANYWAY...the next day was our last day in Ireland, but we slept in because we got pretty drunk on st patricks. We got up and went to dublin castle, tried to do a little shopping, had a nice pub lunch of gammon and butter sandwiches and guinness, and then went back for our daily nap. That night we ate our Irish McDonalds, went to John Kehoe one last time, and managed to find the Mezz which was playing reggae that night...and of course my boy wasnt there. It basically sucked and katelan was feeling sick so we went back to our hotel for the last night. It was super sad. We were both really really hated life that day.

The flight home sucked too.

But now I'm here and I can't stop missing Ireland.

In other news, I'm looking at returning soon!!!!!!!!!! I hope to have yet another amazing experience, as well as find a nice irish boy to marry me so I can live there forever.

Fucking jetlag! It's daylight savings time in Dublin today! I'm so jacked up for no reason because I'm not even there....but my watch is still set on their time.

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